Vendor Fundraiser User Home is giving retailers the opportunity for the easiest and most accurate way of marketing coupons directly to their customers. In essence, it is a service whereby you can reach out to local customers on their mobile phones when they are out looking for the perfect place to shop. It’s a service where customers can carry coupons on their mobile phones and redeem them just by showing the coupon within the mobile phone to the retailer. That’s why when creating, we asked ourselves one simple question….
Television, Radio Ads Print (e.g. newspapers, coupons, flyers) Web (e.g. Ads and Banners) Savings2Phone
Cost to Start Advertising High High Low to High $99.00 per month
Paying for Results Only No No No No contract Trial Period
Personal Control over Changing Your Offers to fit Your Business’ Needs No No Yes Yes
Geo Targeted Region Zip Cod IP Address Geo Location and IP Address
Full Statistical Analysis on Who is Viewing Your Coupons and Using Your Coupons No No Yes Yes
Always Available to Shoppers No No No Yes is also FREE for customers. Our coupons are distributed via IPhones, Blackberry, WAP, Android or any other smart phone.
This service acts as an effective bridge between your business and your customers, along with future customers, by allowing them to find your coupon offers in a quicker and more efficient manner. The timing for this service is optimum because mobile phones have become a major part of our lives for gathering information and customers are reluctant in physically “hunting” for the “right” store as they once did in the past. People who have no patience in sorting through paper advertisements and clipping paper coupons will find this new solution a major step in the right direction.
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